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Springline Parish

St Peter's Church,
Aisthorpe (Closed)

St Peter's Church,
Aisthorpe (Closed)

Aisthorpe is a small village and civil parish in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. Aisthorpe is recorded as Æstorp in 1086, probably meaning “the secondary settlement to the east” from the Old English east and Old Danish thorp.

It is situated between Scampton and Brattleby on the B1398, a small back road to the west of, and parallel to, the A15 northern section of Ermine Street out of Lincoln.

Aisthorpe, or East Thorpe, is listed in the 1086 Domesday Book as consisting of 12 households.

The parish church is a Grade II listed building dedicated to Saint Peter and was built in 1867 by T. C. Hine of Nottingham.

Aisthorpe Hall is a Grade II listed country house dating from the 17th century, with later additions. The Hall also has an 18th-century Grade II listed stable block.   The census in 2011 puts the population of Aisthorpe as 123.

The Aisthorpe church is closed for regular worship although the church has not been legally denoted as closed or redundant and the churchyard is still open. The Church Commissioners, The Diocese of Lincoln and the Springline Parochial Church Council will need to make a decision as to the future use of this lovely village church in Lincolnshire. Above all, we need God’s grace to make the right decision for this lovely place of worship that stood in this place for close 800 or more years and served generations and generations of people in this local community.

For any information about St Peter’s Church Aisthorpe please call the Rector Father Sebastian on 01522 731793.

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