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Springline Parish

New to Springline and wish to make contact?

New to Springline and wish to make contact?

Like all parishes every year Springline too sees the arrival and departure of families and individuals.

You may be new to Lincolnshire and to Springline. You may be working in the farms or in town or commuting to and from who knows where, even London! Perhaps you are a visiting scholar or student at the University of Lincoln or at the Burton College, attending a show at the Lincolnshire Showground or at any of the various educational, health or other enterprises in the area. Or maybe you are just one of the many happily retired or working residents.

One of the benefits of living close to a town which is not a major tourist or retirement centre is that we attract capable, creative and very productive people into our midst. It is one of our blessings at Springline Parish churches.

The reality of coming to a new place can be challenging at first. Our Parish churches are rural but open to all and sundry. Life in Lincolnshire and especially in and around Lincoln has a lot to offer. We do, however, help to provide a spiritual home and a bridge to make your life and time here fruitful.

  • We offer regular worship services in our several churches. If you click on the Rota of Church Services, you have an idea of what is available every Sunday.
  • Families are nurtured and supported by other church members. The monthly Family Services at Scampton and also at Ingham and Fillingham (every two months) are very popular for children and families. See the Rota of Church Services for details.
  • Every last Sunday of the month we gather all together as a Parish Family to worship in one of our churches, a different one every month.
  • There are opportunities for religious education and community building for children and teenagers. Please read Messy Church for further details.
  • Seasonal Bible studies and topical studies for adults take place on a regular basis in Lent, Advent and during Ordinary Time.

This does not happen by itself. No parish church is able to provide the rich ministry which over the years without the clear desire on the part of its people to “be the Church” in this corner of Lincolnshire. It takes passion, guts and determination. Springline is an opportunity for you and your family to take your place at the centre of a living community. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for you in this place.

The membership of Springline Parish is open to all. We have an Electoral Roll which names and contact details of the members. The new requirements for GDPR secure the personal information. If you wish to be a member, please contact our Electoral Roll Officer Mr John Walsh at [email protected]

You are welcome to our Sunday, weekly, monthly and seasonal services and to take a full part in all of our activities and deliberations. Here you belong!

If you are moving to Springline why not drop us a line. If you’re here already then feel free to just show up – on your own or with the family.

Introduce yourself. Together, we’ll take it from there.