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Springline Parish

Want to do something more in your life?

Want to do something more in your life?

Nurturing Your Gifts

We all have gifts and they are all different. It is absolutely exciting to discover our own God-given gifts and use our gifts to make a better world. The Church wants to be on the forefront of working for a better world. That is what Jesus wants of us, to work to establish the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of Love, Peace and Unity.

At Springline Parish we would be happy to help you use your gifts to promote a better world based on faith, hope and above all, love. See the contact details at the bottom of the page if you wish to talk to someone about how you would want to use your gifts and whether the Church could help you in that. Your gifts, your time, your energy and your resources can help make a better world!


Volunteering is a great way to give back something to society and life at large especially to help and serve people. You can volunteer in so many and different ways.

When you volunteer you are doing something for people other than yourself. Jesus said: “Whatever you do to the least of your sister or brother, you do it to me.” Incredible! That’s being real Christians!

When you volunteer and do things for others whether you are caring for them and helping them in one way or another, you are actually being Jesus to them bringing hope and comfort, peace and support Consider using a bit of your time and talent to do something for others and help promote God’s Kingdom on earth!

The Church has all sorts of avenues you might like to try. Feel free to call 01522 731793 or browse through the website for further information to fuel your interest and desire to serve people and God!

Helping those in need

Would you like helping people? The Springline Good Neighbour Scheme already gives you that opportunity.

In Springline Parish there are scores of ways you could do your bit for God and People! Just give us a call and we’ll help you find your niche from where you can do your bit to make a better world and better neighbourhood!

Being a friend

There is a lot of loneliness and sadness around. People are scared and afraid to ask for help. But they are looking out as well for help.

You might like to be a friend to the lonely by becoming a pastoral care visitor. Within the safety and security of the Church Family you could help people in need through a variety of ways.

Again, see the contact page or the contacts at the bottom of this web page and you will receive answers and helps to make your dream of being a friend to people can come true.

Reaching out to help

There is nothing like reaching out to help someone. But so many of us are afraid to do so in spite of our best intentions.

It is difficult to do that by yourself. But with the support of the Church Family and with their encouragement and appreciation, you would feel more confident to do things for others. You heart cries out in pain and sadness to see so much evil in the world. But as the saying goes, “better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. You with your unique gifts and talents are able to transform someone’s life when you reach out to care and help someone! Please let us know how we could come alongside you in your desire to reach out and help people.

See the contact details at the bottom of every web page or at the contact page itself and you will be able to let us know of your wish to help people or do something quietly for people.