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Springline Parish

Following Jesus – Exploring Your Faith

Following Jesus – Exploring Your Faith

The whole thing about Christian life is following Jesus “The Way, The Truth and The Life”.

It is walking in the light of Jesus Christ “The Light of the World”. But how do you do that? Who can help? In our Parish we would like to do all we can help you discover your faith and to know, love and follow Jesus.

There are ways you could do that. For example, you might try the popular Alpha Course, the Advent and Lent Course, the Bible Study Group the Prayer Group. Or you might also like to try the “Café Church” a marvellous, friendly and ecumenical fresh expression of Church.

Faith is not a popular word these days. Not because people have anything against it, just that people don’t know or don’t have time to explore it.

Our Springline Parish offers a variety of opportunities for you to explore your deeper spiritual aspirations and hopes about life, love, faith, hope etc.