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Springline Parish

Giving to God

Giving to God

God has given us so much, everything absolutely! So, giving back to him something is a way of thanking him for all his gifts, all his blessings!

There are so many ways you can give to God and serve people and make a better world! The Church we call ‘The Kingdom of God’ is an excellent place where you can in one way or another give back to God! For example, you can give of the following:

  • Your Gifts
  • Your Time
  • Your Prayer
  • Your Stories
  • Your Life Witness
  • Your donation of money

We are a newly formed Parish but we realise how important it is for every individual to be happy and fulfilled as persons and as Christians. One of the ways of being really doing this is by using our gifts, whatever they are, for people and in this way to promote God’s Kingdom of Love.

You can give some time in the day or in the week to do things for others. You can do this through the Church Family or just where you live and work.
You can pray for people by becoming a member of the Prayer and Care ministry group.

You may have stories of how God blessed you and helped you. You might like to share those incredible stories either in church or in small groups.

Your life itself in this way could become a living witness to God as you share the love you have for others. One other way is to donate money so as to promote God’s work.