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Springline Parish

Our Monthly United Parish Communion

Our Monthly United Parish Communion

On the last Sunday of every month we come together as a Parish to share our faith in Christ in worship and fellowship.

This happens at 10.30 am in a different village every month. This is really a beautiful experience for a Faith Family! This is how we celebrate our faith as the Body of Christ. “Though we are many, we are One Body because we all share the One Bread.”

This takes place through a carefully prepared service, special music and often a visiting minister who presides and preaches. We sing favourite hymns; we listen to a special story of faith or sermon. We share our fellowship at the refreshments after the service.

We love this monthly service that cements and grows our unity as the Body of Christ as we support each other and care for each other and our village churches and communities. In this way although living in different villages we are slowly jellying as a Parish Community, a Family of Faith, a Family of Friends, a symbol of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Love.

Time of the Service is 10.30 am on the last Sunday of every month.

For further information please see ‘Rota of Monthly Church Services’ or the contact page