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Springline Parish

Spirituality – Looking for answers about life and Christianity?

Spirituality – Looking for answers about life and Christianity?

Many people are bewildered with all the things happening in the world and also in the Church.

We are going through big cultural changes in the world. And the Church itself is confounded by all the things that are happening. It is not easy now. But again, in all the vexations and vagaries of life, the Church tries to be a light in the darkness and, in spite of problems, is always ready to welcome anyone and assist him or her to understand life and Christianity and what all that means.

We have courses that will help you know more about the meaning of life. We have services that might be spiritual benefit to you. All in all there are all sorts of things going on and we would love you to try joining one or any of these opportunities to grow in the knowledge of life and the Christian faith.

Please call Mr John Beverley on 01522 730752. You can also call Father Sebastian or any members of the Ministry Team whose details can be found on the contact page.