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Springline Parish

Already living in Springline and wish to make contact?

Already living in Springline and wish to make contact?

‘Springline’ is a new Parish and we are slowly finding our feet. Our churches are ancient, but we are not.

We want to evolve with the times and embrace new ways of being Christians today in a rural setting. We have traditional services and modern services suiting a variety of tastes. While our younger families tend to go to Scampton, Ingham or Fillingham for the monthly Family Services, there is also the popular, monthly ‘Messy Church’ at Ingham School and the ‘Café Church’ which is an ecumenical service on the fourth Sunday of every month. There is something to suit the spiritual taste of every one!

Most of our members live in their village communities, a few coming from outside the Parish as well. Others we see from time to time and they attend when they are able. You might choose to note the handful of key events which take place in the course of the year.
  • Our All Souls Day and Bereavement Service
  • Remembrance Service in November
  • Carol/Christingle and Christmas services
  • United Parish Services at the end of the month
  • Services of Prayer and Ministry for Christian Healing every four months
  • Rector’s Village Church Surgeries every Thursday in a different village
  • Other special services for Holy Week and Easter
Our services of worship are open to all. We are keenly aware, as a Parish in the Anglican tradition, that we minister to our entire geographic community and not merely to core members. But we are also open to all people who look to us for pastoral ministry in times of family crisis or for friendship and occasional contact. Whichever village or community you live you can be an integral member of our community. You can log on to our website or ask to receive our weekly pew sheet or monthly e-bulletin you can be kept in the loop about the “goings on” at Springline Parish churches and village communities. You are welcome here. We’re looking forward to meeting you.