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Springline Parish

Our Four Primary
Parish Events

Our four Primary Parish Events

Below are given major Parish Events that are foundational and serve as pillars of our growth as a united Parish.

Monthly United Parish Communion Service in a different village every month

On the last Sunday of every month we come together as a Parish to share our faith in Christ in worship and fellowship. This happens at 10.30 am in a different village every month. This is fantastic. This is how we celebrate our faith as the Body of Christ.

“Though we are many, we are One Body because we all share the One Bread.” We sing favourite hymns, we listen to a special story of faith or sermon. We share our fellowship at the refreshments after the service. In this way although living in different villages we are slowly jellying as a Parish Community, a Family of Faith, a Family of Friends, a symbol of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Love!

Family Services at Scampton, Ingham and Fillingham

Monthly family service at St John the Baptist Church, Scampton at 10.15 am.

This  happens on the first Sunday of every month. The service is suited especially for children and families and all those who love to worship and fellowship in a very informal and spiritual way. This must be just the sort of service for you if you are searching for something informal but at the same time spiritual!

Monthly family service at St John the Baptist Church, Scampton at 10.15 am.

Like the service at Scampton this too is a very family-friendly service. Informal but educative and spiritual for all! Lovely hymns, inter-active session, puppet show and above all, an attractive and warm service for families and children and people of all ages!

Monthly family service at St John the Baptist Church, Scampton at 10.15 am.

This is a very special and very new service and is yet to take wings! The service is very informal, very friendly and suited for children, families and all ages. The difference with this Family Service is that it is a Family Communion Service suited to children. It is inter-active and includes a further child-oriented session immediately after the service during the refreshments. 

Rector’s Village Church Surgery

Every week on a Thursday the Rector, with his wife, visits a village in the Parish. This physical presence of the Vicar is meant to make him available as much as possible to his people rather than be limited to the village of his residence!

The Church Surgery is in the early stages of development. It is hoped that the Rector’s Village Church Surgery will include a coffee morning with friends, a short prayer service for the village and parish, visit to the sick or those living alone, a general, informal ‘walk-about’ in the village, etc. For information of dates of current surgeries please go to the Parish Diary.

Quarterly Healing Services

Every four months we hold a very special and very spiritual service of prayer and ministry for Christian healing. We know there are so many of us in need of a healing touch from the Lord. We believer that Jesus went about healing and caring for people and we want to do just that. And he has told us that signs and wonders will accompany those who follow his teachings. 

This Healing Service provides you with opportunity to be anointed with holy oil, to have someone to lay hands on  you and pray for you and especially to have special prayers just for you.  For dates of these services please view the Service Rota.