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Springline Parish

Our Monthly Parish Family Services

Our Monthly Parish Family Services

The Family Services are as it were the lifeblood of our Springline Parish. The future of the Parish and the Church depend on the new generations, our children.

We are committed to seeking ways of enabling children and young people to encounter the love of God in Jesus Christ. Families with children and young people are very welcome to these services. People of all ages are welcome, from babes in arms to teenagers and the old ones! Special facilities are laid on for them during these monthly services.

Monthly Family Service at St John The Baptist Church, Scampton.

This happens on the first Sunday of every month at 10.15am. The service is suited especially for children and families and all those who love to worship and fellowship in a very informal and spiritual way.

Reverend Sue Deacon and her team leads a very well attend, well cherished and warmly spiritual service that children and all child-like people can deeply enjoy and thus experience the presence and love of Jesus Christ and be blessed! This must be just the sort of service for you if you are searching for something informal but at the same time spiritual!

For all queries please log on to or call Revd Sue Deacon on 01522 730167.

Monthly Family Service at All Saints Church Ingham.

On the second Sunday of every month. Like the service at Scampton this too is a very family-friendly service. Informal but educative and spiritual for all! Lovely hymns, inter-active session, puppet show and above all, an attractive and warm service for families and children and people of all ages!

This too is a popular all-age service led lovingly and caringly by a dedicated team. Children and adults are invited to participate, and the focus is always experiencing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ!

For any queries see All Saints Church Ingham, the contact page or call Mrs Ann Duggan on 01522 730008.

Bi-Monthly Family Communion Services at St Andrew’s Church Fillingham.

This is a very special and very new service and is taking wings! The 11.00 am service is very informal, very friendly and suited for children, families and all ages. There is an inter-active session after reading God’s Word in the Bible and children join adults in leading prayers.

The service is followed by refreshments and craft and activity! The difference with this Family Service is that it is a Family Communion Service suited to children. All in all a very exciting experience! The service as of now is at 11.00 am on the third Sunday of every second month.

For any queries see St Andrew’s Church Fillingham or the contact page.