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Springline Parish

Seeking God - Sharing Stories

Seeking God?

All of us are seeking God although we may not admit, or we may not really it say it that way.

The fact of the matter is that in spite of the beautiful earth we have and the prospects of a good life on earth, we have messed it all up and our beautiful planet itself is in existential peril. We don’t have to delve on this deeper because we all know what climate change means.

However, there is also on a similar way an existential peril that many of us face and that is the spiritual emptiness and restlessness that we carry. What is life? Why evil? Why death? What happens after death? And a host of similar questions! In other words, you are seeking God without really knowing it! The Church, like all other religions, tries to provide answers to your questions and seekings. Please call for a chat or a discussion.

We would do all we can to listen to you and hear what you are saying and do what we can to help!

Sharing Stories?

There is no better way of experiencing and spreading the “Good News” of God in Jesus Christ than to share your own life stories of faith and striving for meanings in life.

Each of us have stories, all sorts of stories and faith stories are compelling when you share them, and people listen to you. Christianity grew as a result of the telling stories of what Jesus did for people.

You can share your own stories at any of our services, especially the Sunday services or other services. Christians told ‘His-Story’ – Jesus Christ! ‘His-Story’ is the best ‘History’ of humanity because it changed the world for ever!

You can by sharing your story of faith spread His Story of love, redemption and hope!

Please feel free to call for a chat – do call Fr Sebastian on 01522 731793 or any member of the Ministry Team found on the contact page.