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Springline Parish

Donating for God’s Work

Donating for God’s Work

Sometimes you don’t know really what to do to promote God’s work, his Kingdom of Love, His Church and the new life Jesus inaugurated. Or you are one of those people who like to support God’s work from the background in a quiet and unseen way.

You may not have time or health or circumstances to go out and do things. But you feel you can support by offering sacrificial donations to promote God’s work.

You feel in your heart a great desire to support God’s blueprint for humanity. You want to be part of the plan of God for the world. And may be, donating money towards God’s work is your preferred way as it is known only to God (“God sees the heart”). You can, therefore, donate money towards encouraging and supporting God’s work in the Parish.

How do you do that? You can do the following ways:

  • You can do it in the traditional way by writing a cheque
  • You can do it by a Standing Order
  • You can do it by Direct Debit

During the lockdown due to COVID-19, our churches in the Springline Parish had been closed and, among other things, regular or retiring collections in churches also ceased.  We have therefore designed a new webpage to help people give online.

Please visit  if you would like to make a donation to promote God’s work through the Church’s mission and ministry in our village communities, you can simply click the button below to be taken to the page now.

You can contact us by post, phone or email:

You can call the Hon. Church Treasurer Mrs Sue North on 01522 519025 or contact by email at [email protected]

The New Vicarage, Church Hill, Ingham LN1 2YE, Lincolnshire (UK)
Telephone: +44 (0) 1522 731793
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]