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Church Calendar

Church Calendar

Provisional Worship Services Plan

You can view the Service Rota by following this link.

In view of the dramatic increase of covid-19 infections and the consequent need to safeguard our people especially those vulnerable, the Ministry Team considers that the safety and protection of our people are more important now than having services as previously planned in the churches.

The Ministry Team, therefore, proposes to continue holding on-line services on ‘zoom’ at 10.30 am every Sunday morning. However, as the on line ‘zoom’ services are expected to be led from the Ingham church, anyone wishing to attend the service physically in church may book a place in church by calling the Churchwarden (Mrs Ann Duggan) on 01522 730008 or the PCC Secretary (Mr John Moore) on 07974 076 056. This enables any who prefer to be in a live church service to do so while maintaining the safety of those who prefer to maintain social distance. 

Every Sunday
  • at 10.30 am On-line ‘zoom’ service from Ingham church with possibility for those wishing to attend physically in church except on third Sunday
Every day (except Mondays and Sundays)
  • at 8.30 am Morning Prayer at Ingham Church (open to all)
  • at 4.30 pm (in Winter) Evening Prayer at Ingham Church (open to all)
Every Thursday
  • at 10.00 am Holy Communion or Prayer in church where there is a Rector’s Village Church Surgery

The Ministry Team, Springline Parish Diocese of Lincoln, 29th December 2020

Our Church Calendar is displayed below. Please note that events are subject to alteration or cancellation at short notice, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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You can view the Service Rota by following this link.

You can view the Service Rota by following this link.

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Online Church

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