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Springline Parish


Welcome to the Springline Parish Diocese of Lincoln.

It is a great joy to welcome you to the Springline Parish website: “Nine Churches, One Parish, Following Jesus.”

Please view our ‘Online Church’ page which contains links to Prayer, and resources for the Week.

Although geographically close to the North of the city of Lincoln, we consider ourselves a rural parish extending from Burton Waters to Fillingham. Nine villages but actually twelve communities!

We are an Anglican Parish in the Church of England. We seek God. We follow Jesus Christ. We want to serve people. We exist for you and wish to help you encounter and experience God’s real and personal love for you in your life.

As the Italian poet Dante wrote: “In His will is our Peace.” All that we do as a Church we do so as followers of Jesus Christ, Christians. We just want to share with you the ‘Good News’ of love, life, love and hope that Jesus came to give us. As Jesus himself said: “I have come that you may have life and have it in all its abundance.” (John 10.10)

Please visit our giving page  if you would like to make a donation to promote God’s work through the Church’s mission and ministry in our village communities.

May God’s Holy Spirit touch your heart as you browse through the pages of this website. If there is anything you wish to enquire about please feel free to do so – and happy browsing!

God bless you.

Online Church

Online Church

Prayer, Reflection, Services & Useful Resources

Prayer, Reflection, Services
& Useful Resources

Instant access to Prayer

Prayer guidance from the Church of England is available from the links below

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