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Springline Parish

Fresh Expressions of Church

Fresh Expressions of Church

There are two ‘Fresh Expressions’ Church in the Springline Parish. These take place in Ingham village every month or so.

These are two very ecumenical gatherings and attract a wide variety of people. The ‘Messy Church’ happens on the last Friday of every month during school term times. Children, parents and volunteers make this into a memorable experience of being together as a novel way of being Church in a very informal and communitarian way. Do click on to the tab below to know more about it.

The ‘Café Church’ is also ecumenical in nature and happens in the Ingham Village Hall on the fourth Sunday of every month. A group of people come together in an informal setting, have coffee and snacks, sing hymns, discuss faith related themes, pray together and share fellowship. Really wonderful!

God bless you!