Prayers and Intercessions

for The Seventh Sunday after Trinity

in our thoughts and prayers



Some Prayers/Intercessions for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity

As services are now suspended in churches, do use/share these intercessions at home or on line.

“Prayer is a plant, the seed of which is sown in the heart of every Christian.
If it is well cultivated and nourished it will produce fruit, but if it is neglected,
it will wither and die.”

Jesus is alive.
Love has won the victory over evil and death.

Let us pray.

As we prepare to join together in worship over this weekend, whether in our church buildings or on-line, and as we minister to individuals and communities, many of whom are anxious about what the future may hold, may we continue to pray for God’s strength and protection using the words with which our new Archbishop of York  blessed us following his confirmation on 9th July:

    May the love of our good and generous God guide and protect us;
    may the hope of the gospel sustain us and bring us joy;
    when we are lost or lonely; when the road ahead seems hard,
    or when the darkness gathers,
    may the light and peace of Christ be ours.

Almighty God, as a church we daily pray that “Your Kingdom Come” but most of the time we so often live in ways that prevent its coming. We spend too much of our time trying to build our own human kingdom, putting ourselves, rather than you, the centre our lives. Send your spirit to remind us that you are “First” and others are “Second” and we are “Third”. 

(after a short Silence) Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer

Creator God, we thank you for the example of leadership given to us by your Son, Jesus Christ, in his life on earth. We pray for the renewal of a spirit of humility and a sense of responsibility among leaders of this world that the hungry might be fed and the oppressed might be freed to live in peace.

(aster a short Silence) Lord, in your mercy; hear our prayer

Father God, we worship you as the one who has given us this life and we ask that you will help us to live it to the full. At home may we be the friends and neighbours that we really want to be.  Help us to spread the warmth of your love to everyone we meet especially during the Summer holidays.

(after a short Silence) Lord, in your mercy; hear our prayer

Mighty God, we thank you for your love and compassion for all who suffer in body, mind and spirit. We pray that your healing presence will calm their fears, ease their pain and bring light into the darkness of all who are sick. We ask that you be with us, and all who need your loving touch as we continue to live beneath the shadow of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Bring comfort to those grieving loved ones have died and peace to those worried, fearful and uncertain as the virus spreads.  We also pray for governments and authorities who are developing strategies to contain and deal with the virus and those in the health services who may be risking their own lives to care for sick patients.

Help us all to be responsible in the things that we do in our lives to prevent the spread of the virus by taking heed of the recommended precautions and avoiding situations which may make things worse.

(after a short Silence) Lord, in your mercy; hear our prayer

Merciful God, through the ministry of your Son Jesus Christ you have freed us from the grip of the tomb. We pray for those who have departed this life and ask you, through your loving-kindness, to have mercy on their souls.  We pray too for those bereaved by their passing. 

(after a short Silence) Lord, in your mercy; hear our prayer

Let us now pause a moment, become aware of our breathing, relax in the presence of the Lord and tell him what is deepest in our hearts. He knows us, loves us and forgives us.

(after a silent, slightly longer pause …)

we feel loved,
we feel forgiven,
we feel saved.
Thank you for Jesus Christ your Son
who died for us on the cross
and rose again from the dead
and who offers us
true peace and true hope.
Help us to hold on to him
and to follow him
the way, the truth and the life.


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