Living with Christian Hope in the post covid-19 lockdown

A Pastoral Letter from the Parish Priest – Summer 2021 Tenth Sunday after Trinity – 8th August ‘21
My dearest Friends in the Lord,

“Hail, gentle Summer to this isle!
Where Nature’s fairest beauties smile,
And breathe in every plain;
‘Tis thine to bid each flower display,
And open to the eye of day
The glories of its reign.”

So begins the poem “Ode to Summer” by Francis Fawkes. Summer is so special. The nature is in full bloom and all vegetation maturing by the day. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying the warm season of Summer. Do absorb some of the heat before the colder months arrive later in the year!

Having been to Italy in July where the days were swelteringly hot, the gentle English Summer is a pleasant change! I hope you all will have some time to relax and replenish your energies during this season.

LIVE 10.30 am On-Line Parish Eucharist on ‘zoom’ – Sunday 8th August 10.30 am

Mrs Barbara Young will share a story of faith and Fr Sebastian will preside and provide a short homily and we will also listen to some favourite hymns.

Please note that this service is streamed from the Ingham church. If you wish to attend this service physically in church and receive Communion, you can do so. We follow all covid-19 guidelines so as to protect each other and care for each other.

Please download  the Order of service here.

Springline Parish on-line Home Worship Resources.

You will find a copy of this letter, the sermon for this week, prayers and worship songs etc. Do visit

Please note:  Springline Parish Healing Service Sunday 5th September 4pm – St John the Baptist Church South Carlton

A service of prayer and healing ministry will be available on the above date. If you or your dear one or someone you know is in need of a special prayer or ministry, please come along to this quiet and gentle service of care and prayer. For all queries do use link: Contact – Springline Parish

Christ is the Still Point of the Turning World!

Lots of things are happening all around us and in the world. The news bulletins keep us up to date. As Christians we are quite often baffled and perplexed at all the things that are happening in the world – politics, economy, market fluctuations, ever changing new technologies, climate change, terrorism, far right ideologies, crises in Church and society etc. etc. How do we respond to these changes? How does a Christian find his/her moorings in this world of change?

I think T.S.Eliot, considered one of 20th century’s major poets, has an answer to our queries in his words, “Christ is the still point of the turning world.” How absolutely true! This is what we Christians believe and want to follow in our lives even if we make a mess of it most of the time! We have the maxim for the Springline Parish: “9 Churches, One Parish, Following Jesus!” Jesus is the Answer! You might of course be saying to yourself, “How does Jesus answer the world’s questions?”

We are hoping to organise a couple of courses on ‘following Jesus’ possibly in two closely knit groups of seven or eight each. If we have takers for the course, it will be held once a week spanning several weeks preceded always by an informal but tasty dinner. Let me know if you would like to join such a friendly course and come to know more about following Jesus as a Christian in today’s world.

So while you enjoy the Summer days, please consider joining the above course in the Autumn on ‘Following Jesus’ (using ‘Alpha Course material) and for all queries do call me or any member of the Ministry Team or Churchwardens using the link: Contact – Springline Parish

A Prayer for blessings on the diocesan restructuring plans

Almighty God, source of our hope and all good things;
you call us in love to share in the work of creation in making all things new.
Bless our diocese: may we be faithful in our worship;
confident in our discipleship; and joyful in our service;
that, through us, the world may catch a glimpse of the love you have for each one of us,
made known to us in your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A prayer for our Parish and Church

Abba Father, purify my Parish Community in the precious blood of Jesus
and fill my Church and Parish with your Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Springline Parish – Nine Churches, One Parish, Following Jesus.

The Church exists to assist you in your spiritual search, to comfort you in your cares and worries, to support you and walk with you. We believe that Jesus is The True Answer to all our questions and problems, the one who can fill the emptiness and restlessness in our hearts, the One who can help us heal our world! Do help us to help you where we can!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now and always.
With my love and prayer to each one of you,

Father Sebastian

Revd Dr Sebastian Thomas Mattapally
Rector, Springline Parish, Diocese of Lincoln
Tel: 01522 731793   Email: [email protected]