Spending a Penny!

Scampton Family Service congregation were challenged to “Spend A Penny … and Flush Away Poverty”.

This toiler has been twinned!They were all given a collecting box and asked to put some money in whenever they used the toilet. Sixty pounds was raised and with this money we were able to have the children’s toilets at Scampton C of E School twinned with toilets in villages in Zambia and Malawi.

One in four people worldwide don’t have access to a toilet. Many will have to wander into a field to do a wee or a poo. They probably have to walk a long distance for water which is then prioritised for drinking, cooking and animals. So toilet hygiene is poor. This results in disease and every four or five seconds somebody dies of a treatable illness.

The sixty pounds buys a compostable toilet (the waste is used as fertiliser on the crops) and to drill for fresh water. The result? Good toilet hygiene, fertiliser and health. A well spent £60. I think we’ll twin our toilet!

Rev Sue Deacon led an assembly where all this was explained to the children at the school. They were presented with certificates for the girls’ and boys’ toilets and encouraged to think about the good fortune of our own lives and the needs of others whenever they go to the loo!

You can read more about toilet twinning at the official web site.