Prayers and Intercessions

in our thoughts and prayers


Some Prayers/ Intercessions for Epiphany/ The Second Sunday after Christmas Year B –3rd January 2021

“Prayer is a plant, the seed of which is sown in the heart of every Christian.
If it is well cultivated and nourished it will produce fruit, but if it is neglected,
it will wither and die.”

Jesus is alive.
Love has won the victory over evil and death.

Dear Lord,

At the start of this new year, we thank you for everything that we have received from you that is good in our lives, our families, our friends, and the beautiful environment in which we live. We ask you to continue to bless us and protect us, to care for us every day, to walk by our sides through the happy and difficult times. Most of all, dear Lord, we ask you to strengthen our faith. Surround us with your Spirit and your charity and mercy.
Be with us as we pray as we ask for your help to live according to your will for us.
Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for the church throughout the world in its capacity to be at the forefront of peoples’ lives. Strengthen and guide our church leaders towards this goal. Give them and us presence and relevance and respect in our communities by how we live and how we care for others, wanting nothing back except the certain knowledge that we do your will.
Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for our nation. In particular, we pray for guidance for our government during these very difficult times. Strengthen and inspire those who lead us so that they show great diligence, honesty, fairness and care in the policy decisions that they make. We thank you for the meticulous efforts of those who strove to get a deal with Europe. We give thanks to the many fantastic scientists who have demonstrated exceptional talents and commitment throughout covid, and particularly in the last few days, to those who have worked relentlessly to produce vaccines that will offer hope to the world. We ask that you give strength and tenacity to all those who continue to work tirelessly for us during the pandemic.
Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Jesus blessed the little children. Today, Dear Lord we think of all of the school children whose education and friendships, security and mental well-being have been put at risk by the pandemic. Please protect and care for them so that they are happy and able to learn and grow towards their potential. Support those adults who have responsibility for them to work quickly towards the very best outcomes for them.

We pray for all those who have difficulties in their lives, such as being unemployed, lonely or sad. Thank you, Dear Lord, for the kindness and selflessness of the many people, locally, nationally and internationally, who work to support those in need. Encourage us to make a positive difference in our Springline community even if it is just speaking to someone we don’t know. It can make such a difference to a person’s day.

This morning we thank you especially for the courage and determination shown by those who are very ill. We remember and pray especially, for Diana, Mel, Valerie, Paul, Margaret Allen, Lisa, Jo, Roy, Claire Scourse, Jennifer, Christina and others we know of. We know, Lord, that you are with them, working in their lives, hearing them and helping them. We also ask that you give strength and comfort to their families and close friends who love them so much.
Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Let us also remember the people dear to us who have died and who we miss. Heavenly Father, we know that they are safe in your love. May they be granted eternal peace and rest in your kingdom.
Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

And finally let us now pray for ourselves … let us tell the Lord what is of deepest concern in our hearts …knowing that he loves, forgives us and hears our prayer…

(after a silent, longer pause …) 

we feel loved,
we feel forgiven,
we feel saved.

Thank you for Jesus Christ your Son
who died for us on the cross
and rose again from the dead
and who offers us
true peace and true hope.

Help us to hold on to him
and to follow him
the way, the truth and the life
as we entrust you our prayers
in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.


[Mrs Lynne Blakelock]