A Pastoral Letter from the Parish Priest

The Coronavirus Pandemic & Its Effects On Our Lives

A Pastoral Letter from the Parish Priest

Letter 13 – 7 June 2020

Pentecost (Whit Sunday) 2020


My dearest Friends in the Lord,

Here I am again with my weekly Pastoral Letter since the lockdown as we continue to Stay Alert, Control the Virus and Save Lives!

Today is Trinity Sunday, a feast that comes after Pentecost and that sort of sums up all the celebrations we have had since Christmas, Easter and Pentecost! As you probably know, the divine project of salvation of the world is celebrated throughout our Church Year. The Trinity Sunday reminds us that God is One in the three Persons of the Trinity – Father Son and the Holy Spirit.

We are reminded how God has manifested himself as Father at Creation, as Son at Incarnation (Christmas) and as Holy Spirit at Pentecost. I shall not bore you here about the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Let me advise you to visit our Parish website and use the resources in the ‘On Line Church’ page as well as on the ‘Latest News and Thoughts’ page where you can read and reflect on a sermon “The Mystery Solved!” along with intercessions as well as the ‘Daily Devotions’ written by Mr John Beverley our Parish Reader.

Today, as I write this letter, is Wednesday morning and it is raining, or shall we say ‘drizzling’. A relief to all farmers and gardeners! We needed this rain but will it be enough to save the crops of this year? We could do with a long steady rain to do real good to the fields.  May has been the hottest month since records began and we wonder if climate change can be reversed. Unseasonal floods and periods of droughts are becoming more frequent! Looking after the planet is not anymore a past time of a political party – it is, and ought to become, a way of life for all of us. It is the only way to save the earth for the future for our children and grandchildren!

The lockdown is being eased but there is quite a bit of unease around and we hope a spike of Covid-19 is not going to happen! As a friend wrote to me: “Hopefully it will not be too long before we can start to meet in small groups with others but I hope they do not relax the restrictions too quickly, otherwise all the sacrifices that have been made by so many, will be negated.” We still need to be careful to social distance and maintain self-isolation where needed. The Churches, cinemas, stadiums etc where large gatherings occur remain closed still and hopefully will open once the danger has passed. New technologies have stepped into the gap and some normality has replaced the normal times but definitely it’s not the real thing!

There is cause for optimism in spite of the pessimism all around. Dawn always breaks forth after the dark nights. Spring follows the cold winter months. Pains of childbirth disappear with the newly born child! Death and life, darkness and light, bad and good – life is a mystery, but a wee bit of optimism and faith can make all the difference in our lives. That is why the feast of the Holy Trinity is so significant for us. The “Trinity” is all about relationship, partnership, communion, love – The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, Three Persons but One God! It’s all about love!

The sixth “LIVE” PARISH SERVICE this Sunday.

It will be A SHORT LIVE EUCHARIST ON ‘ZOOM’ AT 10.30 am led Father Sebastian from his study at the vicarage in Ingham. Dr Neill Hepburn, ULHT Medical Director Dr Neill Hepburn and Springline Parish Reader, will preach at the service.

You will have received an invitation to join the service if you are in the Parish database. If you are not in the Parish database and wish to join in the service, please contact your local Churchwarden before Sunday morning.

Please use the following link to view The ORDER OF SERVICE.

Springline Parish on-line Home Worship resources

Please note that there are resources for children. Please visit our online Church page.

We are still Church – a family of the followers of the Risen Jesus Christ!

Although the church buildings are closed, we are still Church. Jesus taught us to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbour as ourselves. We will continue to do this. As the Risen Jesus exhorts us.

Please take care and do stay safe!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all now and always.

With my love, prayer and blessing to each one of you,
Father Sebastian

Revd Dr Sebastian Thomas Mattapally,
Rector, Springline Parish, Diocese of Lincoln
Tel: 01522 731793     Email: rector.springline@btinternet.com