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Springline Parish

The Parish Services of Prayer & Christian Healing Ministry

The Parish Services of Prayer & Christian Healing Ministry

This is a very special service that offers laying on of hands, anointing with holy oil and special prayer ministry.

The Springline Parish exists for ‘Prayer and Care 24-7’ and this service all but does that in the context of Christian ministry. Are you ill? Are you anxious? Are you vexed about something or someone? Are you grieving? Are you stressed and in need of peace?

This prayer service seeks to respond to your needs. We want to create the atmosphere of humble and expectant prayer wherein Jesus “who went about doing good” and “healing all those who were sick” can bless and heal you as well. Try out this service for yourself or for the sake of someone you care.

Jesus heals and wants to heal you! May God bless you and your dear ones, and may he grant you wholeness and healing!

When does this service take place? On the first Sunday every four months at 4pm. You will need to browse the Rota of Monthly Church Services.

Where does this service of Prayer and Healing Ministry take place? Usually in a different village every time. You will kindly need to browse the  Rota of Monthly Church Services. You can also make enquiries to any of the ministers in the Ministry Team as found on the contact page.