Seasonal/Special Services

We also offer special seasonal services in addition to our normal monthly worship.

HOLY WEEK and Easter

The Holy Week Services are Parish Services and all are invited to attend

Monday 26 March
11.00am     Scampton           Holy Communion
followed by lunch at Parsonage House
Tuesday 27 March
11.00am     Lincoln Cathedral   Chrism Eucharist
6.00pm       N Carlton         Evening Prayer with meditation
Wednesday 28 March
6.00 pm       Brattleby        Evening Prayer with meditation
Maundy Thursday 29 March
6.00pm      Ingham             THE LORD’S SUPPER
with washing of feet.
Followed by quiet ‘Gethsemane
Watch’ (prayer vigil)
for those who wish.
Good Friday 30 March
2.00pm     Burton                ‘AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS’
devotional hour
Saturday 31 March
7.00pm       S Carlton          EASTER VIGIL
Easter Vigil Ceremonies
with Holy Communion