About Us

The Springline Parish has a Ministry Team,
and so please call on us if we can be of any assistance to you.

 Details are as follows:

our door is always open

The Revd Dr Sebastian Mattapally
Tel:  01522 731 793
Email:  rector.springline@btinternet.com

The Revd Bill Williams
Tel:  01522 730 365
Email:  bill.williams@springlineparish.co.uk

The Revd Sue Deacon
Tel: 01522 730 167
Email:  sue.deacon@springlineparish.co.uk

The Revd David Young

Mr John Beverley & Dr Neill Hepburn


For Parochial Church Council matters please contact the secretary, Mr John Moore 

Tel: 07974 076056

Email: springlinepcc@btinternet.com